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Medieval Islamic Political Thought

Patricia Crone

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Part 1: The Beginnings
1. The Origins of Government
2. The First Civil War and Sect Formation
3. The Umayyads
Part 2: The Waning of the Tribal Tradition, c.700-900
4. General
5. The Kharijites
6. The Mu'tazilites
7. The Shi'ites of the Umayyad Period
8. The 'Abbasids and Shi'ism
9. The Zaydis
10. The Imamis
11. The Hadith Party
Part 3: Coping with a Fragmented World
12. General
13. The Persian Tradition and Advice Literature
14. The Greek Tradition and 'Political Science'
15. The Ismailis
16. The Sunnis
Part 4: Government and Society
17. The Nature of Government
18. The Functions of Government
19. Visions of Freedom
20. The Social Order
21. Muslims and Non-Muslims
(a) Infidels
(b) Muslisms as Infidels
22. Epilogue: Religion, Government and Society Revisited
Bibliography, Abbreviations and Conventions
Index and Glossary.

About the Author

Patricia Crone was Mellon Professor of Islamic History at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton. She wrote several books including Pre-industrial Societies: Anatomy of the Pre-modern World (2003), Roman, Provincial and Islamic Law (1987), Meccan Trade and the Rise of Islam (1987) and Slaves on Horses: the Evolution of Islamic Polity (1980).

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