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A Practical Guide for Lawyers

Marjorie Mantle

Paperback (In stock)

This practical guide provides useful information, practical tips and case studies for studying, newly qualified and practicing lawyers and mediators, showing examples of the application of mediation principles in practice.


Table of Cases
Table of Legislation
1. What is Mediation? 2. Key Principles
3. Mediation in Practice
4. “Selling” Mediation
5. Choosing a Mediator
6. Role of the Legal Practitioner
7. Mix’n’Match
Appendix 1: Documentation
Appendix 2: Sample Contract for Services
Appendix 3: Sample Costs, Terms and Conditions
Appendix 4: Sample Agreement to Mediate
Appendix 5: Sample Settlement Agreement and Joint Minute
Appendix 6: Checklist for Choosing a Mediator
Appendix 7: Checklist for Preparation
Appendix 8: Assessing Mediator Performance
Appendix 9: Checklist for Assessing Mediator Performance
Appendix 10: Assessing Your Own Performance
Appendix 11: Client Profiles and Predicting the Future
Appendix 12: Confidentiality and Privilege
Appendix 13: Dispute Resolution Clauses
Appendix 14: Extra People at the Meeting
Appendix 15: Our Multi-cultural Society and Mediation
Appendix 16: Styles of Mediation
Appendix 17: Historical Background of Mediation
Appendix 18: European Code of Conduct for Mediators
Appendix 19: Case Studies
Appendix 20: Bibliography and interesting bits

About the Author

Marjorie Mantle is an experienced commercial, court and workplace mediator. After completing her law degree in Australia, she worked in the oil industry for 13 years. In 1996 she moved to Scotland, undertaking senior roles in the public and private sectors. Marjorie subsequently established Mediation Scotland, combining this with court-based and legal complaints mediation. She is also an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Dundee.