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Media Arabic

Elisabeth Kendall

Edition: 2

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Gives you up-to-date expressions, jargon and new coinages for modern concepts in media Arabic

What is the Arabic for 'the UN'? How does the Arabic media say 'rogue state'? Or 'Arab Spring'?

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Preface to the Second Edition
User Guide
1. General
2. Politics & Government
3. Elections
4. Military
5. Economics
6. Trade & Industry
7. Law & Order
8. Disaster & Aid

About the Author

Elisabeth Kendall is Senior Research Fellow in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Pembroke College, University of Oxford. Her research focuses on how Arabic cultural production fuels political and militant movements. Her books include Twenty-First Century Jihad (with Ewan Stein, 2015), Literature, Journalism and the Avant-Garde (2006) and Media Arabic (2nd ed. 2012). She has studied and worked at the Universities of Oxford, Harvard and Edinburgh.


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