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A Tale of Flodden Field

Walter Scott
Edited by Ainsley McIntosh

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The first scholarly edition of Walter Scott’s most complex historical narrative poem (1808)

When Marmion was published in 1808 it was met with both critical and popular acclaim; four editions and over 11,000 copies were produced in 1808 alone. It was with the overwhelming success of Marmion that Scott’s poetic reputation was indisputably established, his immersion in the world of commercial publishing confirmed, and his commitment to a literary life fully determined. Scott here features as a topical poet, commemorating both national events and occasions, as well as the work of his contemporaries. His relations with aristocratic patrons, artists, and statesmen are also amply reflected in the dedicatory epistles. This is arguably the most challenging and most rewarding of all Scott poems.

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General Editor’s Introduction
Text (Scott’s epistles, the narrative cantos, and Scott’s notes)
Essay on the Text
Emendation List
Hyphenation List
Historical Note
Editorial Notes

About the Author

Ainsley McIntosh holds a PhD from the University of Aberdeen and is an Advisory Editor for the Edinburgh Edition of Walter Scott’s Poetry. She is affiliated to the Walter Scott Research Centre at the University of Aberdeen.

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