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Marie Corelli, A Romance of Two Worlds

A Novel

Marie Corelli
Edited by Andrew D Radford

Hardback (Forthcoming)

A new scholarly edition of a major late-Victorian scientific romance novel

Marie Corelli’s A Romance of Two Worlds is regarded as one of the most culturally important Victorian bestsellers. This critical edition offers instructive access to this multifaceted but still largely underappreciated novel that is a key text for scholars and students of late-Victorian women’s writing. It also raises urgent questions about a wide array of textual and cultural concerns, especially the form and function of the Victorian ‘bestseller’.

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Series Editor’s Preface
A Note on the Text
Further Reading

A Romance of Two Worlds. A Novel

Volume I
I. An Artist’s Studio
II. The Mysterious Potion
III. Three Visions
IV. A Dance and a Promise
V. Cellini’s Story
VI. The Hotel Mars and its Owner
VII. Zara and Prince Ivan
VIII. A Symphony in the Air
IX. An Electric Shock

Volume II
I. My Strange Departure
II. A Miniature Creation
III. Secrets of the Sun and Moon
IV. Sociable Converse
V. The Electric Creed
VI. Death by Lightning
VII. The Struggle for the Mastery
VIII. Conclusion


About the Author

Marie Corelli was a best-selling English author of more than 20 romantic melodramatic novels.

Andrew Radford is Lecturer in English at the University of Glasgow. His published books include Mary Butts and British Neo-Romanticism: The Enchantment of Place (Bloomsbury, 2014), Mapping the Wessex Novel: Landscape, History and the Parochial in British Literature, 1870-1940 (Series: Continuum literary studies. Continuum, 2010), Victorian Sensation Fiction (Palgrave, 2008) and Thomas Hardy and the survivals of time (Ashgate, 2003).

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