Mapping Taiwanese Cinema, 2008-20

Environments, Poetics, Practice

Christopher Brown

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Investigates how geographical environments are mapped in Taiwanese cinema

  • Offers a wide-ranging account of an under-researched period in Taiwanese film history, the years 2008 to 2020
  • Foregrounds the importance of mapping in recent Taiwanese cinema, bringing together perspectives from cartography, film poetics, cultural history, design, gender and queer studies, East Asian studies, and production studies
  • Analyses thematic, aesthetic, and historical trends, and films of diverse genres and styles, in contrast to the more typical focus on auteur directors and art cinema
  • Draws on existing and original interviews with filmmakers, providing first-hand perspectives on the topics discussed

What is the relationship between filmmaking and mapping?

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Note on Romanisation

1. Mapping Taiwanese Cinema

2. You are Here

3. Back to the Woods

4. Indigenous Land and Sea

5. Love in a Designer City

6. House Style

7. Quiet Places




Mapping Taiwanese Cinema is an exciting breakthrough – the first book on Taiwanese cinema since 2008, with an original approach to cinema as not just including maps but itself a mapping technology, and combining analysis of poetics with the practices of filmmaking. A must-read.

Chris Berry, King’s College London

Christopher Brown analyzes Taiwanese cinema, 2008-2020, by way of well-curated mise en scène, soundtrack, and cartographic imaginary. Maps are defined as "instruments of power" and are meticulously traced through multiple scenes like Wordsworthian "spots of time," or Brown’s spots in space.

Sheng-mei Ma, Michigan State University
Christopher Brown is Senior Lecturer in Filmmaking at the University of Sussex. A practitioner as well as a researcher, Chris has published work on contemporary Taiwanese film, practice-as-research, and American cinema.

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