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Literary Criticism in Medieval Arabic Islamic Culture

The Making of a Tradition

Wen-chin Ouyang

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For the first time this book provides an examination of the impulses that went into the making of literary criticism in medieval Arab-Islamic culture. It traces the resulting characteristics of this area of intellectual enquiry and grounds the field of Arabic literary criticism in its social, intellectual and cultural context (3rd/9th century to the 5th/11th century).

About the Author

Wen-chin Ouyang is a Reader in Arabic Literature at the School of Oriental and African Studies. She was born in Taiwan, raised in Libya and educated in the United States. She is the author of Literary Criticism in Medieval Arabic-Islamic Culture (1997) and numerous articles on the Arabic novel, The 1001 Nights, and classical Arabic prose writing. She co-edited New Perspectives on the Arabian Nights: Ideological Variations and Narrative Horizons (2005), Companion to Magical Realism (2005), and The Novelization of Islamic Literatures, Comparative Critical Studies 4: 3 (2007).


The main virtue of this study is that it asks the sources questions never asked before and I know of no comparable book that deals with the status of the pre-modern Arab critic.
- Pierre Cachia, Columbia University, NewYork