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Levinas and the Postcolonial

Race, Nation, Other

John E. Drabinski

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Relates Levinas' central concept of the Other to postcolonial conceptions of Otherness

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Introduction: Decolonizing Levinasian Ethics
1. Incarnate Historiography and the Problem of Method
2. Epistemological Fracture
3. The Ontology of Fracture
4. Ethics of Entanglement
5. Decolonizing Levinasian Politics
Concluding Remarks

About the Author

John E. Drabinski is Associate Professor of Black Studies at Amherst College.


Drabinski resolutely places himself in the unacknowledged double bind between the ethical and the political in Levinas's work and, with an impressive and erudite humility, attempts to rethink Levinas for 'those of us with a materialist sensibility'.

- Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, University Professor in the Humanities Columbia University

To think postcolonial critique as a philosophy of difference and an ethical relation to the Other is inconceivable without taking into account the work of Emmanuel Levinas. Levinas and the Postcolonial refuses all theoretical ghettos to bring welcome intellectual rigor, depth, and insight to the critique of global colonialism.

- Nick Nesbitt, Princeton University