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Latour and the Passage of Law

Edited by Kyle McGee

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13 essays explore Bruno Latour’s legal theory from a variety of disciplinary perspectives

This exciting new vision for legal theory combines analytical tools drawn from Latour's actor-network theory developed in Science in Action, Reassembling the Social and The Making of Law with the philosophical anthropology of the Moderns in An Inquiry into Modes of Existence to blaze a new trail in legal epistemology.

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1. Introduction
Kyle McGee

2. From the Conseil D'Etat to Gaia: Bruno Latour on Law, Surfaces and Depth
David Saunders

3. Politics and Law as Latourian Modes of Existence
Graham Harman

4. On Devices and Logics of Legal Sense: Towards Socio-Technical Legal Analysis
Kyle McGee

5. 'The Crown Wears Many Hats': Canadian Aboriginal Law and the Black-boxing of Empire
Mariana Valverde & Adriel Weaver

6. Providing the Missing Link: Law After Latour's Passage
Serge Gutwirth

7. The Life and Deaths of a Dispute: An Inquiry into Matters of Law
Niels van Dijk

8. Plasma! Notes on Bruno Latour's Metaphysics of Law
Laurent de Sutter

9. The Conditions of a Good Judgement: From Law to Internal Affairs Police Investigations
Cedric Moreau de Bellaing (trans. Solene Semichon)

10. In the Name of the Law: Ventriloquism and Judicial Matters
Francois Cooren

11. Laboratory Life and the Economics of Science in Law
David Caudill

12. Bartleby, Barbarians and the Legality of Literature
Faith Barter

13. The Strange Entanglement of Jurimorphs
Bruno Latour

About the Author

Kyle McGee practices law in the US. He is the author of Bruno Latour: The Normativity of Networks (Routledge, 2014) and co-editor of Deleuze and Law (Edinburgh University Press, 2012).


Bruno Latour's map of law's topology pays equal attention to charting its brute self-referencing and surveying its astonishing capacity to propagate all other modes of existence. The essays in this collection deftly unfold his map and help orient it toward new institutions for the Anthropocene.

- Richard Janda, Faculty of Law, McGill University

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