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Language in Context in TESOL

Joan Cutting

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Shows practical applications of language analysis theory in the TESOL classroom

Language in Context for TESOL explores the many uses of English around the world, focusing on the way that meaning can be context-dependent and often implied. Covering basic approaches to linguistic analysis such as Conversation Analysis and Exchange Structure, Speech Act Theory, The Cooperative Principle and Politeness Theories, and using authentic language as it occurs in everyday life, this volume guides the reader towards an understanding of ELT methodology, curriculum, courses and materials in terms of Global Englishes, and how these findings can be applied to English Language Teaching.

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1 Introduction
2 Corpus Linguistics
3 Global Englishes
4 English across Cultures
5 Context and Registers
6 Exchange Theory and Conversation Analysis
7 Speech Act Theory and the Cooperative Principle
8 Politeness Theories
9 Conclusion

About the Author

Joan Cutting is Senior Lecturer in TESOL at The Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh.

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