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Language Assessment and Programme Evaluation

Brian K. Lynch

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This book explores key areas of modern society in which language is used to form power and social relations. These are presented in five sections:

    Language and the Media
  • Language and Organisations
  • Language and Gender
  • Language and Youth
  • Multilingualism, Identity and Ethnicity

This volume examines the overlapping areas of evaluation and assessment, where 'evaluation' is defined as the systematic use of information to make decisions about language teaching programmes and 'assessment' as the systematic use of information to make decisions about individuals and their language ability. A variety of topics are covered, including paradigms and purposes, design techniques, quantitative and qualitative methods for collecting and analysing data, and ethical, social and political considerations in the conduct of evaluation and assessment.

The book has two important goals: to underscore the relationships between the enterprises of evaluation and assessment, and to encourage the use of new paradigms in our approaches to these enterprises.

Key Features

  • The first treatment of assessment and evaluation in one volume
  • Exercises and suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter
  • Includes an extensive bibliography.


1. Introduction: paradigms and purposes
2. Designing assessment and evaluation
3. Developing measures of language ability and program effectiveness
4. Analysing measurement data for assessment and evaluation
5. Developing interpretivist procedures for language assessment and program evaluation
6. Analysing interpretivist assessment and evaluation information
7. Validity and ethics

About the Author

Brian K. Lynch is an Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics at Portland State University. He has also taught applied linguistics at UCLA and the University of Melbourne, and has worked on English language teaching programmes in China, Mexico, Australia, and the United States.


A unique contribution of interest for language educators … the volume works as an introduction to prominent concerns and procedures in language assessment and program evaluation.
- Studies in Second Language Acquisition
A comprehensive, non-technical introduction to two rapidly evolving specialist fields.
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