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Language and Scottish Literature

Scottish Language and Literature Volume 2

John Corbett

Paperback (Printed to Order)

This practical introduction uses theories of language to explore different aspects of Scottish literature. It includes material on varieties of Scots and Scottish English, linguistic approaches to literary studies, the grammar of texts, vocabulary, metaphor, poetic metre, language in use, point of view, narrative, stereotypes of the Scots, discourse and reading older Scottish texts. Extensive examples demonstrate the application of the theories, from poems and ballads to a football report, and from short stories to extracts from film scripts and plays.

About the Author

John Corbett is Professor of English at the University of Macau and a Senior Research Fellow of the University of Glasgow. He is the author of Language and Scottish Literature (1997) and he co-edited The Edinburgh Companion to Scots (2003).


Pure deid brilliant so it is' ... immensely readable, at times even entertaining ... I strongly recommend this book to all who are living and working in Scotland who have even a passing interest in the language and literature of their native or adopted country.

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