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Language and Logics

An Introduction to the Logical Foundations of Language

Howard Gregory

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A comprehensive introduction to non-classical logics and their use in linguistics

This book will take linguistics students beyond the classical logic used in introductory courses into the variety of non-standard logics that are commonly used in research. It embraces a wide variety of material, including modal logic, partial logic, situation semantics and the growing area of the substructural logics, starting with simple and intuitive concepts. Prior knowledge of mathematical logic is not required as issues are introduced and discussed in clear and precise English before symbolic notation is introduced. The variety of material is organised around one central thread: the tailoring of logical systems to reasoning about different applications in linguistics and beyond.

Key Features:

  • Does not presuppose any background in logic or mathematics
  • Self-contained: introductory sections give a good grounding in the prerequisites of the course
  • Optional discussion of issues and applications to interest more advanced students
  • One of the very few non-specialist introductions to the growing area of substructural logic

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About the Author

Howard Gregory obtained his PhD in linguistics from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, specializing in the interdisciplinary area of Language, Logic and Information. He was Lecturer in the Department of English Linguistics at the University of Göttingen from 2002-2009 and has taught in several countries in Europe and Asia. His research interests include grammatical relations, comparative linguistics, logic programming, ellipsis and dialogue modelling, and linguistic applications of relevance logic.


Logical methods in the study of language have tended to be the preserve of research level literature. In this book Howard Gregory opens the field to the interested student in a steady progression which is both precise and comprehensive, providing a valuable road-map to logical linguistics.

Glyn Morrill, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Language and Logics is probably the most comprehensive textbook in Logics and Linguistics to date. One of the many undoubted merits of the book is that the range of logical topics is wide enough to cover all a linguistic student needs to know about logic(s). This book takes the reader well beyond elementary logic... Presents a wealth of logical material in a clear way.

- Christian Bassac, Université de Lyon2, Cercles

To sum up, this book is a suitable source for undergraduates (and not only in linguistics) to get a general picture about the field of modern non-classical logics, which can serve as a background for further more advanced readings. The last part of the book is the most relevant to the linguistic issues, handling such topics as substructural logics and categorical grammar. The chapter about combinatorial logic is of especial importance, since it in effect summaries and coordinates the material from the previous chapters.

- Yaroslav Shramko, Kryvyi Rih, Zentralblatt Math

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