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Reviewing the Classical Anarchist Tradition

Ruth Kinna

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A sympathetic critical analysis that dispels myths and highlight the importance of Kropotkin's anarchist thought

Kropotkin has been celebrated as the most accessible and coherent of the classical anarchists. In this book, Ruth Kinna provides a new interpretation of Kropotkin, removing his ideas from the 'classical' tradition and situating them in a critique of classical anarchism. By looking at his collaborations with other leading writers in the movement, Kinna shows how Kropotkin understood anarchist traditions while revealing how the Russian revolutionary movement shaped his anarchist, communist politics.

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Part 1: Portrait of the anarchist as an old man, Chapter 1: Out with the old, in with the new, Chapter 2: From new anarchism to postanarchism, Conclusion to part 1
Part 2: Coming Out of Russia, Introduction (A Beautiful White Christ) coming out of Russia, Chapter 3: Nihilism, Chapter 4: Mapping the state, Conclusion to part 2
Part 3: Revolution and Evolution, Introduction to Part 3: The general idea of anarchy, Chapter 5: Anarchism: utopian and scientific , Chapter 6: The revolution will not be historicised, Conclusion to part 3

About the Author

Ruth Kinna is Professor of Political Theory at Loughborough University. She has published widely on the history of anarchist ideas and on nineteenth century socialist and anarchist thought.


A major contribution to anarchist scholarship... Kropotkin: Reviewing the Classical Anarchist Tradition will be useful for students and researchers in history, geography, and political theory and will serve as an important prompt to question current commonplace narratives of, and assumptions about, anarchism.

This is one of the most important intellectual studies of Kropotkin for many decades. By placing him within the context of the history of ideas and political philosophy, Ruth Kinna tackles the history of anarchism itself and demonstrates that models of classical anarchism, new anarchism and post-anarchism have limited explanatory purchase for our understanding of Kropotkin's thought. This is a crucial addition to the literature on anarchism and postanarchism and is highly recommended reading for students and academics alike.

- Carl Levy, Goldsmiths, University of London

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