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Kingship and Unity

Scotland 1000-1306

G W S Barrow

Edition: 2

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A stunning overview of the medieval landscape of Scotland

This is a history of the forging of the Scottish kingdom during the first three centuries of the second millennium. In AD 1000 the Scottish kings had embarked on the annexation of English-speaking Lothian and of Cumbric-speaking Clydesdale, Ayrshire and Dumfriesshire. The country’s enlargement continued under a line of remarkably able kings with the inclusion first of the highlands and then, after the defeat of the Norwegians in 1263, of the islands of the Inner and Outer Hebrides. How Scotland’s landscape influenced its people and conditioned its outlook on the world is a theme running throughout the book.

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Genealogy of the Royal House
Part One
1. Land and People
2. Kings and Kingship
3. The Feudal Settlement
4. The Church Transformed
5. Education and Learning
6. Burghs and Burgesses
Part Two
7. The Winning of the West
8. Communities of the Realm
9. Scotland in Europe
A Note on Measures and Money
Glossary of Unfamiliar Words
Further Reading
Map I: Scotland in 1286
Map II: The Church in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries.

About the Author

G. W. S. Barrow was Sir William Fraser Professor of Scottish History and Palaeography, University of Edinburgh, 1979–92. His books include Feudal Britain (London, 1956); Robert Bruce and the Community of the Realm of Scotland (4th edition, Edinburgh, 2005); The Anglo-Norman Era in Scottish History (Oxford, 1980 – his Ford lectures); Scotland and its Neighbours in the Middle Ages (London, 1992); and The Kingdom of the Scots (2nd edition, Edinburgh, 2003).


Kingship and Unity is not only a perceptive and accomplished book, but it is also written in an accessible and engaging manner. This revised edition remains the authoritative account of the shaping of Scotland during the High Middle Ages and of the kingdom’s place in the British Isles and Europe.

- Katie Stevenson, University of St Andrews

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