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Katherine Mansfield and Modernism

Katherine Mansfield Studies, Volume 2

Edited by Delia da Sousa Correa, Gerri Kimber, Susan Reid

Hardback (Printed to Order)
New analysis of Katherine Mansfield's contribution to modernism, above all her underexplored relationship with D.H. Lawrence

Katherine Mansfield and Modernism is given a distinct focus in this volume by an emphasis on her under-explored relationship with D. H. Lawrence, to whom, both as artist and person, she felt herself uncannily alike. In addition to investigating Mansfield’s literary and biographical relationship with Lawrence, the essays for this volume examine widely varied aspects of Mansfield’s modernism including her modernist revision of fairy-tale motifs, and the aesthetic, psychological and political contexts for her work. Further essays place her within a broader international and cultural framework, analysing her important relationship with modernist ‘little magazines’ and demonstrating how Mansfield and other artists from beyond Europe formed and developed literary modernism. The volume contains a preface and new short stories and poems by internationally-esteemed writers. The relationship between Mansfield and Lawrence is also given dramatic form in an original play-script first published in this volume and based on the period during 1916 when Mansfield and Murry shared a pair of remote cottages with Frieda and D. H. Lawrence at Zennor in Cornwall.

About the Author

Delia da Sousa Correa grew up in New Zealand and studied at the University of Canterbury before moving on to graduate study in London and Oxford. She is Senior Lecturer in English at the Open University and is co-editor of "Katherine Mansfield Studies". Her research focuses on connections between literature and music in the nineteenth-century and early modernist periods.

Gerri Kimber, Visiting Professor in the Department of English at the University of Northampton, is co-editor of the annual yearbook Katherine Mansfield Studies, and Chair of the Katherine Mansfield Society. She is the deviser and Series Editor of the four-volume Edinburgh Edition of the Collected Works of Katherine Mansfield (2016) and the author of Katherine Mansfield: The View from France, and A Literary Modernist: Katherine Mansfield and the Art of the Short Story.

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