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Kant's Critique of Pure Reason

An Edinburgh Philosophical Guide

Douglas Burnham, Harvey Young

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Everything you need to know about Kant's Critique of Pure Reason in one volume.

The Critique is one of the most written-about texts in the history of philosophy, however, it is also notoriously difficult to read. Burnham and Young unravel Kant's text passage-by-passage, making the reading and appreciation of the primary work achievable. Designed to be read alongside Kant, this approach will be helpful for students and lecturers alike.


1. Historical Context
2. A Guide to the Text
Prefaces and Introduction
Transcendental Aesthetic
Transcendental Logic – Introduction and Transcendental Analytic
Transcendental Logic – Transcendental Dialectic
Transcendental Doctrine of Method
3. Study Aides
Types of Question You Will Encounter
Common Assessment Criteria
Tips for Writing About Kant
Further Reading

About the Author

Douglas Burnham is Professor of Philosophy at Staffordshire University and author of An Introduction to Kant's Critique of Judgement (Edinburgh University Press, 2000).


Burnham and Young have produced a commentary that is extraordinary. They have managed to achieve what had seemed impossible, clarity as well as lucidity. For teachers and students, who are looking for a gateway into Kant, this book is highly recommended.
- Sebastien Odiari, University of Glamorgan

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