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Kant's Cosmopolitics

Contemporary Issues and Global Debates

Edited by Garrett Wallace Brown, Áron Telegdi-Csetri

Hardback (Pre-order)

Advances Kant’s cosmopolitan ideas for global co-habitability and a universal condition of public right

Written by a group of international scholars, the essays in this collection apply Kantian political theory to state and global governance, peace and human rights enforcement, migrant crisis management, European federalisation, global educational reforms and fostering what some might call a 'cosmopolitan culture'. As a result, this book advances the field of Kantian cosmopolitanism and how it relates to current debates in political theory, philosophy and the study of international relations.

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Background issues and challenges in Kant’s cosmopolitanism
Garrett Wallace Brown and Áron Telegdi-Csetri

Sovereignty and Kant’s Cosmopolitics

Cosmopolitan Right and Universal Citizenship
Gary Banham

Kantian Republicanism in the International Sphere: Equal Sovereignty as a Condition of Global Justice
Kjartan Kock Mikalsen

Publicity in Cosmopolitics

Provisional Publicity
Heather Roff

Republicanism and Cosmopolitanism: A Kantian Reconciliation
Kostas Koukouzelis

The Realisability of Cosmopolitan Ideals

The Realisability of Kant’s Cosmopolitan Values
Sorin Baiasu

Rethinking ‘Kant’s Europe’ and Cosmopolitan Right
Garrett Wallace Brown

Re-reading Kantian Hospitality for the Present
Dilek Huseyinzadegan

Cosmopolitanism and culture

Taking a detour: Kant’s Theory of Moral Cosmopolitan Education
Georg Cavallar

Is there a Cosmopolitan Impetus behind Kant's Definition of Taste as the Discipline of Genius? An Appraisal
Stefan-Sebastian Maftei


About the Author

Garrett Wallace Brown is Professor of Political Theory and Global Health Policy in the School of Politics and International Studies at the University of Leeds. He co-leads the University’s Global Health cross faculty theme and has produced extensive research at the crossroads between global health and moral philosophy. His research interests also include cosmopolitan theory, Kant’s cosmopolitanism, the laws of hospitality, global constitutionalism and key issues in global justice.

Áron Telegdi-Csetri holds a PhD in Political Philosophy and has held a number of post-doctoral positions examining issues in cosmopolitan theory. He has written extensively on Kant’s political philosophy and various critical debates in contemporary cosmopolitanism. His research interests include the examination of various models of cosmopolitanism and transnationalism, with an emphasis on cosmopolitan education, socialisation and temporality.


This useful volume opens up a number of important new debates about Kant’s cosmopolitanism, addressing controversial issues such as the cosmopolitan credentials of the European Union. The contributors are experienced hands and connect central with less-explored facets of Kant’s thought, such as publicity, moral education and the practical realisation of a cosmopolitan condition.

- Peter Niesen, Universität Hamburg

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