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Kant's Aesthetic Epistemology

Form and World

Fiona Hughes

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Drawing on resources from both the Analytical and Continental traditions, Form and World argues that a comprehension of Kant's aesthetics is necessary for grasping the scope and force of his epistemology.

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Kant References
Chapter One: The Centrality of the Problem of Formalism
Chapter Two: Formalism and the Circle of Representations
Chapter Three: Formal Idealism and the Aesthetic Condition of Experience
Chapter Four: The Deep Structure of Synthesis
Chapter Five: The Completion of the Subjective Deduction in the Deductions of the Critique of Judgement
Chapter Six: A Priori Knowledge as the Anticipation of a Material Given and the Need for a Spatial Schematism
Chapter Seven: Empirical Systematicity and its Relation to Aesthetic Judgement
Chapter Eight: Aesthetic Judgement's Exemplary Exhibition of Cognition
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About the Author

Fiona Hughes is Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Essex. Fiona is author of published articles on Kant and aesthetics and on Nietzsche, aesthetics and hermeneutic, and edited the section on Hermeneutics in The Edinburgh Encyclopedia of Continental Philosophy (Edinburgh University Press, 1998). Currently writing a book on aesthetics and the arts.


[S]pecialists of Kant will find this book interesting at many points, especially as a strong rebuttal of the "impositionalist" understanding of Idealism.
- H-Net
The way in which Hughes maps out and argues for the connections between Kant's epistemology and aesthetics are a significant contribution that should generate much discussion.
- Heythrop Journal
A brilliantly executed presentation of a case for a new and fruitful way of perceiving Kant’s Critical project.
- John Llewelyn, Reader in Philosophy, University of Edinburgh