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Just Enough

Sufficiency as a Demand of Justice

Liam Shields

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A systematic clarification and defence of Sufficientarianism – 'having enough' – as a demand of justice

Liam Shields systematically clarifies and defends the political philosophy of Sufficientarianism, which insists that securing enough of some things, such as food, healthcare and education, is a crucial demand of justice. By engaging in practical debates about critical issues such as child-rearing and global justice, the author sheds light on the potential implications of suffientarianism on the social policies that affect our daily lives.

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1: Politics and Distributive Justice

2: What is Sufficientarianism?

3: The Principle of Sufficient Autonomy

4: The Principle of Sufficient Autonomy and Education

5: An Adequate Upbringing

6: Sufficiency and Global Justice

7: Concluding Chapter

About the Author

Liam Shields is Lecturer in Political Theory at the University of Manchester.


The idea that everyone should have enough plays an important role in everyday thought as well as the ongoing philosophical debate about what distributive justice demands. Just Enough provides a lucid and original analysis of the idea that also illuminates concrete questions about what we owe to children and members of other states.

- Andrew Williams, ICREA Research Professor, Pompeu Fabra University

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