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Julian the Apostate

Shaun Tougher


This study of the last pagan Roman emperor provides remarkable insight into the man and his times

The figure of Julian demands the attention of historians. As the last pagan Roman Emperor, he provides a focus for studying the religious transformations that were taking place in the empire in the fourth century. Further, his secular policies and concerns concentrate attention on other transformations – social and political – within the period.

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Series Editors’ Preface
Family Tree
Part I Debates
Introduction: The Fascination of Julian
1. Family
2. Conversion
3. Gaul
4. Emperor: Style and Reform
5. Religion
6. Persia
Conclusion: The Elusiveness of Julian
Part II Documents
1 Julian: Panegyric on the Emperor Constantius
2 Julian: Panegyric on the Empress Eusebia
3 Julian: On the Deeds of the Emperor Constantius or On Kingship
4 Julian: Consolation to Himself on the Departure of the Excellent Salutius

5 Julian: Letter to Priscus
6 Julian: Letter to Oribasius
7 Julian: Letter to the Athenians

8 Julian: Letter to Maximus the Philosopher
9 Julian: Letter to Themistius the Philosopher
10 Julian: Letter to the Philosopher Maximus
11 Julian: Letter to Bishop Aetius
12 Julian: Letter to the People of Alexandria
13 Julian: Letter to Ecdicus, Prefect of Egypt
14 Julian: Against the Cynic Heraclius
15 Julian: To the Alexandrians, an Edict

16 Julian: Letter to Evagrius
17 Julian: Letter to the Thracians
18 Julian: Letter to the High-priest Theodorus
19 Julian: To the Mother of the Gods
20 Julian: Letter to Arsacius, High-priest of Galatia
21 Julian: Letter to Atarbius
22 Julian: Rescript on Christian Teachers
23 Julian: Letter to the Citizens of Bostra
24 Julian: Letter to the Alexandrians
25 Julian: The Caesars
26 Julian: To King Helios
27 Julian: Letter to a Priest
28 Julian: Misopogon
29 Inscriptions
30 Theodosian Code
31 Sextus Aurelius Victor: De Caesaribus
32 Claudius Mamertinus: Speech of Thanks to Julian
33 Libanius: Letter to Julian
34 Libanius: Address to Julian
35 Libanius: To Julian on behalf of Aristophanes
36 Libanius: Address to the Emperor Julian as Consul
37 Libanius: The Embassy to Julian
38 Libanius: Letter to Aristophanes
39 Libanius: Funeral Oration for Julian
40 Libanius: Upon Avenging Julian
41 Libanius: Autobiography
42 Salutius: Concerning the Gods and the Universe
43 Gregory of Nazianzus: A

About the Author

Shaun Tougher is a Reader in Ancient History at Cardiff University. He is series editor (with Emma Stafford, University of Leeds) of the Debates and Documents in Ancient History Series.

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