Judith Butler and Politics

Adriana Zaharijevic

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Presents Judith Butler's interest in plurality of bodily lives and her search for a social transformation conducive to a more livable world
  • Offers a novel understanding of Butler’ work as a call for an insurrection at the level of the real
  • Provides a framework based on an intersection of four main pillar-concepts, performativity, agency, livable life and non-violence
  • Reads Butler’s philosophy as centred on bodies
  • Reads Butler’s work as a convincing counter-argument against liberal versions of ontology

This book is the only monograph-length study of the work of Judith Butler to focus on the entire scope of her work, including the last decade of her writing. In light of these texts, it presents a fresh interpretation of Butler’s political thought, oriented by the idea of an insurrection at the level of the real.

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1. Ontology and Politics

Part I: Performativity

2. Bodies and Norms3. Agency

Part II: Livable World

4. Livable Life5. Nonviolence

Conclusion: Our Place

The book enables insightful readings of Judith Butler’s groundbreaking treatment of the political in its most nuanced implications for the mapping of possible worlds and the demand for radical equality. Reading (with) one of the most wide-ranging thinkers of our times, Zaharijević cogently grapples with stimulating questions of subjectivation, performativity, bodily lives, and the conditions of acting.
Athena Athanasiou, author of Agonistic Mourning: Political Dissidence and the Women in Black
Adriana Zaharijević is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory at the University of Belgrade.

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