John Milton's 'Paradise Lost'

A Reading Guide

Noam Reisner

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Noam Reisner leads readers through the complexities of Milton's celebrated and challenging narrative poem as well as introducing them to the key critical views. The guide combines an introduction to the poem's main thematic and stylistic concerns together with discussion of important selected passages (substantial extracts from the text are included) and provides readers with a basic set of critical tools with which to interpret the text.

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Preface Series Editors' Preface1. Mapping and Making Paradise Lost 2. Text, Commentary, and Analysis3. Teaching the Text4. BibliographyIndex

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Noam Reisner (BA, M.Phil, D. Phil), born in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1974, a dual British-Israeli national. After completing his D.Phil degree at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University, hewas appointed Plumer Research Fellow at St. Anne's College where he continued with his research on early modern literature and undertook teaching for the college. In 2008 he took up a lectureship in English at Tel Aviv University.

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