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Jimmy Carter and the Anglo-American 'Special Relationship'

Thomas K. Robb

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Reveals the true nature of relations between the US and the UK during the Carter presidency

Thomas K. Robb draws upon a wealth of previously classified documents to reveal that relations between Britain and the United States of America during Carter's presidency were riven with antagonism and disagreement. Contrary to existing interpretations, even the most 'special' aspects of intelligence and nuclear cooperation were not immune to high-level political tension.

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  1. Détente, Human Rights and Anglo-American Relations
  2. Embracing the Special Relationship, 1977–8
  3. Stresses and Strains
  4. Thatcher Comes to Power
  5. The End of Détente

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About the Author

Thomas K. Robb is a Senior Lecturer in History at Oxford Brookes University. His first book was A Strained Partnership? US-UK Relations in the Era of Détente, 1969-77, which was published by Manchester University Press in 2013. He has had journal articles published in Diplomacy and Statecraft, International History Review and the Journal of Strategic Studies among others.


The Carter Administration has often been overshadowed by the Reagan-Thatcher years in the story of Anglo-American relations. But Thomas Robb shows in a clever, well-researched and incisively written book that the 'special relationship' was galvanised during this earlier period, as the two countries navigated between competition and cooperation to put the alliance back on a firmer footing after years of malaise.

- Richard Aldous, author of Reagan and Thatcher

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