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Jewish Philosophy A–Z

Aaron W. Hughes


A concise alphabetical guide to the major thinkers, concepts and issues in the history of Jewish philosophy from antiquity to the present.

Jewish Philosophy A-Z covers the major traditions of thought from Philo to Levinas and, since Jewish philosophy has occurred in broader environments (e.g., Hellenistic Alexandria, Medieval Baghdad, Weimar Germany), non-Jewish thinkers who have had an important influence on Jewish philosophy are also included (e.g., Plotinus, Alfarabi, Heidegger). Extensive cross-references allows the reader to examine topics to the desired degree of depth, making it easy to follow connections and pursue larger themes.

An important pedagogical resource, Jewish Philosophy A-Z is suitable for undergraduate or postgraduate students as well as the interested general reader.


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About the Author

Aaron Hughes is Associate Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Calgary, Canada. He is the author of The Texture of the Divine: Imagination in Medieval Islamic and Jewish Thought (2004).

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