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Jean Baudrillard: From Hyperreality to Disappearance

Uncollected Interviews

Edited by Richard G. Smith, David B. Clarke

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23 collected interviews with the renowned French philosopher and cultural commentator, Jean Baudrillard

This new collection gathers 23 highly insightful yet previously difficult-to-find interviews with Baudrillard, ranging over topics as diverse as art, war, technology, globalisation, terrorism and the fate of humanity.

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Introduction: Not Forgetting Baudrillard
Interview 1: Too Bad about Patagonia
Interview 2: Disappearance beyond Disappearance
Interview 3: After Utopia: The Primitive Society of the Future
Interview 4: The Possibility of Another Game
Interview 5: Politics of Performance: Montand, Coluche = Le Pen?
Interview 6: A Time of Promiscuity
Interview 7: Forgetting Critiques
Interview 8: Cover Story
Interview 9: Symbolic Exchange: Taking Theory Seriously
Interview 10: Vivisecting the 90s
Interview 11: Things Surpass Themselves
Interview 12: On the New Technologies
Interview 13: I’m Not a Prophet
Interview 14: Endangered Species?
Interview 15: Hate: A Last Sign of Life
Interview 16: Europe, Globalisation and the Destiny of Culture
Interview 17: Between Difference and Singularity
Interview 18: The Catastrophe of Paradox
Interview 19: This is the Fourth World War
Interview 20: The Matrix Decoded
Interview 21: Continental Drift
Interview 22: The Art of Disappearing
Interview 23: The Antidote to the Global Lies in the Singular
Select Interviews and Dialogues
Books by Jean Baudrillard in English
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About the Author

Richard G. Smith is Associate Professor in Human Geography at Swansea University. He is co-editor of Jean Baudrillard: Fatal Theories (Routledge, 2009); The Baudrillard Dictionary (EUP, 2010); Jean Baudrillard: From Hyperreality to Disappearance, Uncollected Interviews (EUP, 2015); and, Jean Baudrillard: The Disappearance of Culture, Uncollected Interviews (EUP, 2017).

David B. Clarke is Professor of Human Geography at Swansea University. He is co-editor of Jean Baudrillard: Fatal Theories (Routledge, 2009) and The Consumption Reader (Routledge, 2003). He is the author of The Consumer Society and the Postmodern City (Routledge, 2003).


This is an excellent companion for the initiated. There is an opportunity to read into the person who produced books like Simulacra and Simulation and The Gulf War Did Not Take Place. Smith and Clarke have produced a text that was an absolute joy to read for a Baudrillard fan, while also improving my understanding of his work and my appreciation of his abilities.
- Jeff Heydon, Wilfrid Laurier University and University of Toronto, Marx & Philosophy Review of Books

Jean Baudrillard here covers an enormous amount of ground: from the way he worked, his career, through his major ideas, to topics such as hatred and terrorism. Baudrillard is witty and inventive, defends and develops his ideas clearly and vigorously. A dazzling display. Sharp and fascinating.

- Professor Mike Gane, Loughborough University

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