A Sufi Code of Honour

Lloyd Ridgeon

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How did medieval Sufis express their system of everyday morality?

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Introduction: Medieval Sufi Futuwwat/Jawanmardi
Section One: Introduction to Suhrawardi's Kitab fi'l-futuwwat
Translation of Suhrawardi's Kitab fi'l-futuwwat
Section Two: Introduction to Futuwwat Nama of Mirza 'Abd al-'Azim Khan Qarib-i Garakani
Translation of Futuwwat Nama of Mirza 'Abd al-'Azim Khan Qarib-i Garakani
Section Three: Introduction to the Treatise of Hatim
Translation of the Treatise of Hatim.
Dr. Ridgeon’s annotated translation and study of three important Persian treatises on spiritual chivalry is a ground-breaking reassessment of all previous research on the subject. Written in a simple and unpretentious style and brimming with insights based on original scholarship, it conveys the tolerant breadth, ecumenical reach and sophistication of the Sufi ethics of spiritual chivalry (futuwwat/ javanmardi) in Islam in a manner accessible to everyone.
Dr Leonard Lewisohn, Lecturer, Iran Heritage Foundation Fellow in Persian and Sufi Literature, University of Exeter
Lecturer in Islamic Studies in the Department of Theology, University of Glasgow. Lloyd has published several books, including a translation from Persian of Persian Metaphysics and Mysticism (RoutledgeCurzon, 2003).

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