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Jacques Rancière: Aesthetics, Politics, Philosophy

Paragraph Volume 28 Number 1

Edited by Mark Robson

Paperback (Printed to Order)

'Aesthetics is not the fateful capture of art by philosophy. It is not the catastrophic overflow of art into politics. It is the originary knot that ties a sense of art to an idea of thought and an idea of the community.'

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Introduction: Hearing Voices, Mark Robson
From Politics to Aesthetics, Jacques Rancière
Jacques Rancière and the Subversion of Mastery, Peter Hallward
Rancière and Contemporary Political Problems, Jeremy Valentine
The Unfinished Song: Intermittency and Melancholy in Rancière, Andrew Gibson
Jacques Rancière's Aesthetic Communities, Mark Robson
Il y a des mots qu'on souhaiterait ne plus lire, Adrian Rifkin
Select Bibliography, Mark Robson
Notes on Contributors.

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