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Walter Scott
Edited by Graham Tulloch

Hardback (In stock)

Find Out What Scott Really Wrote

Going back to the original manuscripts, a team of scholars has uncovered what Scott originally wrote and intended his public to read before errors, misreadings and expurgations crept in during production.

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About the Author

Graham Tulloch is Professor of English at Flinders University, Australia. He has published books and articles on Scottish language and literature and has edited or co-edited Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe, Shorter Fiction, and The Siege of Malta and Bizarro for Edinburgh University Press and Catherine Martin’s An Australian Girl and Marcus Clarke’s His Natural Life for Oxford University Press.


Ivanhoe was the first of Scott’s novels to be located wholly in England, and the first to take place in the middle ages. But it is far from being the fantastic, medievalist romance associated (in the critical imagination) with a visionary Britain that never was. This is a serious novel, the first in English to deal carefully with race. And at the same time, it is an incredibly exciting read for contemporary readers.

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