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Italo Calvino

Martin McLaughlin

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This first study in English of the complete writings of Italo Calvino (1923-85) offers new interpretations of Calvino's main works, taking into account some important unpublished material, and analyses Calvino's intertextual links with major writers of world literature (Conrad, Stevenson, Hemingway and Borges). Postmodern elements in his texts are assessed, and a chapter on Calvino's critical essays shed important light on his creative process.

About the Author

Martin L. McLaughlin is a University Lecturer in Italian and Student (Fellow) of Christ Church, Oxford.


McLaughlin's book is currently the best and most complete [introductory study] in the field. It will be a vital reference work for students approaching Calvino and its wealth of information will also be invaluable for teachers and lecturers.
A powerful tool for readers of Calvino at all levels (it has certainly enhanced the quality of discussion at undergraduate level in the two years since its publication) but it is indispensable to those who are interested in literature as an intellectual catalyst within a culture. Both as a study of the mechanisms of an author's creativity (see, for example, the enticing web of associations generated by the Prefazione to Il sentiero dei nidi di ragno, itself a reflection on the representation of personal and collective experience) and as a study of contemporary aesthetics, this volume shows McLaughlin to be not just well-versed in facts but a stimulating interlocutor with Calvino.

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