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Italian Post-Neorealist Cinema

Luca Barattoni

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Unlike countries such as France, the Czech Republic or Brazil, Italy did not have a new wave properly understood as a movement. However, while new artistic schools were emerging in many other countries, Italy was undergoing its most dramatic social and economic transformations. Those violent changes, together with the perceived necessity of renewing the aesthetic heritage of Neorealism, sparked a drastic regeneration of the cinematic language and marked the most memorable period of Italian film history.

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1. Historic, Economic, and Cultural Background
2. The New Wave Proper/Italian Style Debate and the Explosion of National Cinemas
3. The Aesthetics Emerging After the War
4. Ideological Perimeters: The Catholic–Marxist Protocol
5. Negotiating Modernity: The Ethics of Disorientation and Entrenchment
6. Reimagining National Identity
7. Behavioral Codes and Sexual Mores
Conclusion: The Missing Italy and Its Missing Cinema Today

About the Author

Dr Luca Barattoni is an Assistant Professor of Italian at Clemson University (US).

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