Islamic Financial Services in the United Kingdom

Elaine Housby

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This is the first book-length study of Islamic financial services in the United Kingdom. It describes the ways in which British examples of Islamic financial provision illustrate both the main characteristics of Islamic financial teaching and some key issues in the situation of British Muslims. Coverage of the subject is comprehensive: there are chapters on the history of Islamic finance in the UK and on personal accounts, home purchase finance, the equivalents of personal loans and insurance, investment, commercial funding and the relatively new bond-like instruments of sukuk.

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1. Introduction
2. History of Islamic Financial Services in the UK
3. Personal Accounts
4. Personal Finance
5. Home Finance
6. Takaful
7. Investments and Wealth Management
8. Sukuk
9. Business Finance
Glossary and Abbreviations

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Elaine Housby is an independent researcher and freelance writer with a special interest in religious thinking about economic matters. She obtained a PhD on the topic of Islamic finance in the UK and is the author of Islamic Financial Services in the United Kingdom, also published in the Edinburgh Guides to Islamic Finance series.

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