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Islamic Finance in the Global Economy

Ibrahim Warde

Edition: 2

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Islamic finance is growing at an astonishing rate and is now a $1200 billion industry, with operations in over 100 countries. This book explains the paradox of a system rooted in the medieval era thriving in the global economy.

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A Note on Transliteration and Dates
Introduction: Islamic Finance in the Global Economy
1 Islamic Finance in Theory and Practice
2 Islam, Economics and Finance
3 Riba, Gharar, and the Moral Economy of Islam in Historical and Comparative Perspective
4 The Evolution of Modern Islamic Finance
5 Islamic Finance and the Global Political Economy
6 Country Differences
7 Financial Products and Instruments
8 Strategic, Managerial and Cultural Issues
9 Economic Issues: Islamic Finance and Development
10 Regulatory Issues and Challenges: Global Norms and Religious Constraints
11 Islamic Finance and Politics: Guilt by Association
12 Religious Issues and Challenges: Defining Islam and Interpreting the Shariah

About the Author

Ibrahim Warde is Adjunct Professor of International Business at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University. He is author of several books including The Price of Fear: The Truth behind the Financial War on Terror (2007).


Definitely worthy of a second edition ... Recommended.
- C. J. Talele, Columbia State Community College, Choice