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Islamic Chinoiserie

The Art of Mongol Iran

Yuka Kadoi

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The Mongol invasion in the thirteenth century marked a new phase in the development of Islamic art. Trans-Eurasian exchanges of goods, people and ideas were encouraged on a large scale under the auspices of the Pax Mongolica. With the fascination of portable objects brought from China and Central Asia, a distinctive, hitherto unknown style - Islamic chinoiserie - was born in the art of Iran.

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Introduction: West Asia meets East Asia
1. Textiles: Beyond the Silk Road
2. Ceramics: The Notion of chini-i-faghfuri
3. Metalwork: from East Asian Perspectives
4. Miscellaneous Objects
5. Miniatures: the Birth of Landscape Painting

About the Author

Yuka Kadoi, PhD, is an art historian of Islamic and Asian art. She is the author and editor of numerous publications, including Islamic Chinoiserie: The Art of Mongol Iran (2009) and Arthur Upham Pope and A New Survey of Persian Art (2016).

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