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Islamic Chinoiserie

The Art of Mongol Iran

Yuka Kadoi

Hardback (In stock)

The Mongol invasion in the thirteenth century marked a new phase in the development of Islamic art. Trans-Eurasian exchanges of goods, people and ideas were encouraged on a large scale under the auspices of the Pax Mongolica. With the fascination of portable objects brought from China and Central Asia, a distinctive, hitherto unknown style - Islamic chinoiserie - was born in the art of Iran.

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Introduction: West Asia meets East Asia
1. Textiles: Beyond the Silk Road
2. Ceramics: The Notion of chini-i-faghfuri
3. Metalwork: from East Asian Perspectives
4. Miscellaneous Objects
5. Miniatures: the Birth of Landscape Painting

About the Author

Yuka Kadoi is a Postdoctoral Fellow (Islamic Civilisation) at The Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Centre for the Study of Islam in the Contemporary World at the University of Edinburgh

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