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Islamic and Ethical Finance in the United Kingdom

Elaine Housby

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What exactly is ethical finance? Is Islamic finance ethical? Is ethical finance Islamic?

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Discussion of the Term ‘Ethical’
The Basic Principles of Islamic Finance
An Outline of Christian Thought on Finance
Christian Attitudes to Money
Christian Views on Charging Interest
The Social and Political Role of the Churches
Christian Attitudes to the Welfare State
Protestant Ethics and Islamic Modernity
The Rationale for This Book
Retail Banking
The Major Banks
The Co-operative Bank
The Post Office
Triodos Bank
Kingdom Bank
The Implications of Other Forms of Ethical Retail
Banking for Islamic Retail Banking
Investment Funds
Overview of the Ethical Investment Sector
Some Common Concerns
Friends Stewardship Fund
Triodos Funds
Ecclesiastical Funds
Church of England Investments Group
The Implications of Other Ethical Investment
Policies for Islamic Investment Funds
Mutual Associations
The History of Mutuals
Ecology Building Society
Yorkshire Building Society
Gentoo Genie
The Implications of Secular Ethical Home Finance for Islamic Finance
Debt and Credit
Indebtedness from an Ethical Perspective
The Present Situation
Christians Against Poverty
Credit Unions
Extreme Riba in the Present Day
The Implications of the Wider Credit and Debt Situation for Islamic Financial Services
Social Enterprise
The Political Climate
Islam and Social Enterprise
Case Studies of Social Financial Services Businesses
Fair Finance
Zakat House
Charity Bank
An Example of a Conflict of Ethical Policies
The Implications of the Social Enterprise Sector for Islamic Finance
The Regulation of Charities
Some Issues for Islamic Charities
Zakat and Tithing
Charity Investments and Fundraising
The Implications of the Work of Islamic Charities for:
Other Forms of Islamic Finance
The Concerned Consumer
The Islamic Shopper
Islamic Environmentalism
Ethical and Halaal
The Boycott of Israel
The Implications of the Wider Ethical Consumer Movement for the Islamic Sector
Some Difficulties With the Term ‘Ethical’
Niche Brand or Radical Reform Movement
Lessons for Islamic Finance
The Future.

About the Author

Elaine Housby is an independent researcher and freelance writer with a special interest in religious thinking about economic matters. She obtained a PhD on the topic of Islamic finance in the UK and is the author of Islamic Financial Services in the United Kingdom, also published in the Edinburgh Guides to Islamic Finance series.

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