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Irish English, volume 1 - Northern Ireland

Karen P. Corrigan

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An overview of English as it is spoken in the Northern dialect regions of Ireland

This book focuses on the sociolinguistic consequences of historical contact between indigenous Irish peoples and newer English and Scottish settlers in what is now the territory of Northern Ireland (NI). The contact varieties that resulted represent the oldest L2 'Englishes' globally. Moreover, the degree of admixture from English, Irish and Scots in the contemporary dialects of NI reflects various external forces. Naturally, these varieties share certain structural features with sister Celtic Englishes and indeed with other vernacular Englishes globally. However, there are other linguistic traits that seem to be unique and therefore essentially local.

Irish English, Volume 1 - Northern Ireland aims to provide insights into the evolution of language in 21st century NI and to promote an understanding of linguistic diversity in this region in the context of World Englishes by including:

  • *An overview of cultural, demographic and geographic aspects of NI's languages/dialects
  • *An extensive, though accessible, description of their structures
  • *A history of language in NI, pinpointing regional/social differences as well as current changes
  • *An annotated bibliography of relevant literature and a general bibliography to aid further research
  • *Speech and text samples from the 19th-21st centuries.


1. Geography, demography and cultural Factors
2. Phonetics and phonology
3. Morphosyntax
4. Lexis and discourse features
5. History, including changes in progress
6. Survey of previous work and annotated bibliography
7. Sample texts.

About the Author

Karen P. Corrigan is Professor of Linguistics and English Language at Newcastle University. She has conducted extensive research on language and dialect in Ireland and has published widely in this field and in socio-historical linguistics and the sociology of language.


This is an inspiring book by a master pedagogue who has produced an accessible, fascinating and entertaining survey of research on what she refers as Northern Irish English / Ulster Scots.
- Kevin McCafferty, University of Bergen, English Worldwide
"this new book offers the fullest description of Northern Ireland English to date, in a very handy format, by page-size and layout."
- John M. Kirk, Queen's University Belfast, Journal of English Language and Linguistics, Volume 16/1 (2012)

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