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Internet Arabic

Mourad Diouri

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All the expressions, jargon and new words you need to talk about the internet in Arabic

What’s the Arabic for 'homepage'? How do you say 'podcast'? Can you recognise the phrase 'add this site to your favourites'? Or 'printer-friendly version'? This vocabulary gives you ready-made lists of key terms for translating both from and into Arabic, grouped together in the way you'll use them.

Key Features

  • Learn the language the way you'll use it: terms grouped in thematic sections
  • Check your pronunciation with the included audio
  • Includes an index so you can easily find exactly what you're looking for

Divided into 11 key areas

General Terminology • Web Browsing • Written Online Communication: emails, online forms, blogging and collaborative writing • Audio-Visual Online Communication • Searching for Information on the Web • e-Learning • Online Social Networking • Netiquette • Online Security • Internet Services • My Digital Identity

Notice: flashcards accompanying the Essential Middle Eastern Vocabularies series are no longer available


User Guide
1. General
2. Computer Hardware
3. My Digital Identity
4. Web Browsing & Surfing
5. Web Searching
6. Internet Services
7. Written Online Communication
8 Audio-visual Internet, 8.1 Visual Internet
9. E-Learning
10. Online Social Networking
11. Online Collaboration
12. Online & IT Security
13 Mobile Internet

About the Author

Mourad Diouri is e-learning Lecturer and developer in Arabic Language Studies at the Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World at the University of Edinburgh. He is the author of 'Teach Yourself: Read & Write Arabic Script'. In 2011, he was awarded the e-Assessment Innovation Award and the Formative e-Assessment Award (Highly Commended) by the Scottish e-Assessment Association.


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