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International Law Essentials

John Grant

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Your introductory guide to the laws that govern states and their interactions

From human rights and the use of force to settling disputes and the sea, this concise guide gives you the basic facts about international law. Learn about its history, discover how it has developed over time and find out which sources you should be accessing and how to use them. Summary sections of Essential Facts and Essential Cases will help students to learn and revise.


Table of Cases
Table of International Instruments
Table of Statutes
1, Nature and History of International Law
2. Sources of International Law
3. International Law and Municipal Law
4. Subjects of International Law
5. States: Birth to Death
6. States: Powers and Authority
7. State Responsibility
8. Use of Force
9. Human Rights
10. Law of the Sea
11. Common Spaces
12. Settlement of International Disputes

About the Author

John P. Grant is Professor Emeritus of International Law, University of Glasgow

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