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International Development and Human Aid

Principles, Norms and Institutions for the Global Sphere

Edited by Paulo Barcelos, Gabriele De Angelis

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Are global standards of aid, assistance and redistribution achievable in practice?

These 8 essays mirror and expand the complexity of contemporary discussions on cosmopolitanism and global justice, focusing on a normative study of the global institutional order with suggestions of direct ways to reform it. They assess schemes of worldwide distributive justice and the mechanisms required to discharge the global duties that the theories establish.

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List of Contributors


1. Justice in a Complex World: An Introduction
Paulo Barcelos

Part I Human Rights and the World Economy: Questions of Scope

2. The (Difficult) Universality of Economic and Social Rights
Sylvie Loriaux

3. Economic Justice and the Minimally Good Human Life Account of Needs
Nicole Hassoun

Part II The Applicability of Global Principles – Some Contemporary Dilemmas

4. Toward Another Kind of Development Practice
Julian Culp

5. Three Approaches to Global Health Care Justice: Rejecting the Positive/Negative Rights Distinction
Peter G. N. West-Oram

6. Restitution and Distributive Justice
George F. DeMartino and Jonathan D. Moyer

Part III Justice and International Institutions

7. Narrow Versus Comprehensive Justification in Humanitarian Aid: A Case Study of the CERF
Alexander Brown

8. Global Justice and the Mission of the European Union
Philippe Van Parijs


About the Author

Paulo Barcelos is a researcher at the Nova Institute of Philosophy (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa) and a doctoral candidate in Political Science at the same university.

Gabriele De Angelis is Researcher at the Nova Institute of Philosophy at the New University of Lisbon (NOVA).


This book is a great addition to the global justice literature, covering a wide array of topics ranging from challenges to the universality of human rights, accounts of historical injustice, justifications of official development aid, to proposals to reform the UN Central Emergency Response Fund. Timely, stimulating, and genuinely committed to bridging theory and practice.

- Axel Gosseries, Louvain University

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