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Intelligence Arabic

Julie C. Manning, Elisabeth Kendall

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Contains user-friendly lists of Arabic-English intelligence terms with brief definitions

What is the Arabic term for ‘Double Agent’? How would you say ‘Plausible Deniability’? Can you recognise the phrase 'False-flag Recruitment'? Or ‘Canary Trap’?

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User Guide
1. General
2. Analysis
3. Human Intelligence (HUMINT)
4. Operations
5. Counterintelligence (CI)
6. Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
7. Acronyms
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About the Author

Julie Manning is a Middle Eastern security subject matter expert and Arabic linguist. She spent five years in Yemen, Egypt and Afghanistan working in the private sector. She holds an M.A. in Security Studies with a concentration in terrorism and sub-state violence from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and PMP certification.

Elisabeth Kendall is Senior Research Fellow in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Pembroke College, University of Oxford. Her research focuses on how Arabic cultural production fuels political and militant movements. Her books include Twenty-First Century Jihad (with Ewan Stein, 2015), Literature, Journalism and the Avant-Garde (2006) and Media Arabic (2nd ed. 2012). She has studied and worked at the Universities of Oxford, Harvard and Edinburgh.

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