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Intellectual Property Law Essentials

Duncan Spiers


How does law protect your ideas and privacy in Scotland and the UK?

The Scots common law of property is strongly realist in its concepts, and restricts itself to tangible objects – objects, land, things attached to the land. But what about non-physical property, such as your intellectual property and your private personal information? These types of property are of increasing importance in this technological age. From copyright to patents, from data protection to freedom of information, and from e-commerce to cybercrime, Intellectual Property Law Essentials explains how UK statue law protects and regulates your information and ideas.

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Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
1. Introduction
2. Copyright: Part I
3. Copyright: Part II
4. Designs
5. Patents
6. Trade Marks
7. Passing Off
8. Confidential Information
9. Data Protection
10. Freedom of information
11. Cybercrime
12. E-commerce

About the Author

Duncan Spiers is Lecturer in Law at Edinburgh Napier University.

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