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Innovation, Incentive and Reward: Intellectual Property Law and Policy

Hume Papers on Public Policy 5.3

Hector MacQueen, Brian G. Main

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The protection of intellectual property - patents, copyrightand trade marks - is generally regarded as a high policy priority in the UK and the European Union. This book asks why this should be so. Is too much intellectual property actually bad for industry, trade and competition? Does intellectual property really provide an incentive for innovation through the creation of wealth? The contributors, who include the Patent Judges of the English High Court, argue that the present law and its further extension should receive much more critical scrutiny, in particular from an economic perspective. Topics covered include copyright with especial reference to the performing arts and the growth of new technology, especially biotechnology and the Internet. The book offers an up-to-date picture of intellectual property law and a critical analysis of its future development.


In Conversation: Photographer Ajamu and Cultural Critic Anita Naoko Pilgrim AJAMU X AND ANITA NAOKO PILGRIM

About the Author

Hector MacQueen has been a member of the Edinburgh Law School since 1979. Appointed to the Chair of Private Law in 1994, he was Dean of the Law School 1999-2003, and Dean of Research and Deputy Head of the College of Humanities and Social Science in the University 2004-2008. He is currently a Scottish Law Commissioner. He is the author of many books and articles on Scots law and its historical development in comparative perspective, and of key textbooks such as The Scottish Legal System (5th edition) (2013), Unjustified Enrichment Law Basics (3rd edition) (2013), and Studying Scots Law 4th edition (2012).

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