Infinite Eros: Deleuze, Guattari and Feminist Couplings

Deleuze & Guattari Studies Volume 12, Issue 4

Edited by Janae Sholtz, Cheri Lynne Carr


Seeks to combine feminist voices with Deleuze and Guattari’s work

Feminism and Deleuze and Guattari’s philosophy share a commitment to reinvention and infinite variation, to follow the paths of individual vicissitudes and the sufferings and joys of the worlds in which we live, and to courageously imagine better futures. This volume seeks to open spaces for the intermingling of feminist voices with Deleuze and Guattari’s work, endorsing the transformational potential of such encounters.

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Introduction: Infinite Eros

Janae Sholtz and Cheri Carr

Poem1: In Her Skin, by Shinjung Nam


Love at the Limits: Between the Corporeal and the Incorporeal

Chantelle Gray

Kiki and the ‘girl’: A Moment of Reading between Deleuze and Feminism

Ritu Sen Chauduri

Loud Ladies: Deterritorialising Femininity through Becoming-Animal

Bethany Morris

Poem 2: Litany on Forgiveness, by Valentine Moulard- Leonard

Gilles Deleuze and Donna Haraway on Fabulating the Earth

Aline Wiame

Queer Anomalies: Reading Contemporary Argentinian Literature

Francisco Marguch

Poem 3: How do You Live with a Bird for a Heart? By Katherine Moore

Bodies, Gestus, Becoming: Cinema as a Technology of Gender and (post) Memory

Belén Ciancio

On Arbormosis: Becoming-Cyborg, Machine Subjection, and the Ethico-Aesthetics of User Friendly-Design

Spencer L. Revoy

Poem 4: To Fuck with Love: Phase II, by Lenore Kandel

Love, Consent, and Arousal: Deterritorialising Virtual Sex

Cheri Lynne Carr

Janae Sholtz is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Alvernia University. She has published articles within PhiloSOPHIA: A Journal of Continental Feminism. She has contributed chapters to The Continuum Companion to Heidegger edited by François Raffoul and Eric S. Nelson (Bloomsbury, 2013) and Between Deleuze and Foucault edited by Daniel W. Smith, Thomas Nail and Nicolae Morar (Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming). Dr. Sholtz researches primarily in 20th-century and contemporary continental philosophy. Her current research is focused on the work of Deleuze and Guattari and their interlocutors, and includes subjects of dramatisation, the nature of the event, transgression, immanence, powers of affect and the conjunction of the aesthetic and the political.

Cheri Lynne Carr is Associate Professor of Philosophy at CUNY’s LaGuardia Community College. A graduate of the University of Memphis, Dr. Carr researches primarily in Ethics, Feminism, Philosophy for Children, Existentialism & Post-Structuralism, and Kant and the German Enlightenment. Her current research is focused on the work of Deleuze and Guattari and includes subjects of ethics, critique, sublimity, encounter, and the pedagogical and feminist lines of flight opened by schizoanalysis.

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