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Indefinite Visions

Cinema and the Attractions of Uncertainty

Edited by Martine Beugnet, Allan Cameron, Arild Fetveit

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Examines the aesthetics, concepts and politics of chaotic and obscured moving images

Audiovisual culture often privileges the instantly identifiable: the recognizable face, the well-timed stunt, the perfectly synchronized line of dialogue. Yet order and clarity do not come 'naturally' to the moving image. Light, motion, definition, compression: the conditions of recording, storing and screening can subject audiovisual media to countless variations, pulling them towards the indefinite and illegible. Filmmakers and artists often seek out and work with the resulting uncertainty, from the warping of space to the melding of senses, from glare to shadow and blur to glitch.

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Indefinite Visions: Cinema and the Attractions of Uncertainty

  • Martine Beugnet - Introduction


  • Jacques Aumont – The Veiled Image: The Luminous Formless
  • Richard Misek – The Black Screen
  • Tom Gunning – Flicker and Shutter: Exploring Cinema’s Shuddering Shadow


  • Martin Jay – Genres of Blur
  • Giusy Pisano – In Praise of the Sound Dissolve: Evanescences, Uncertainties, Fusions, Resonances
  • Erika Balsom – 100 Years of Low Definition


  • Michel Chion – Jumps in Scale
  • Julian Hanich – Reflecting on Reflections: Complex Mirror Shots in Films
  • Christa Blümlinger – Cinematic Indeterminacy According to Peter Tscherkassky: Coming Attractions
  • Carol Vernallis – Baz Luhrmann’s Audiovisual Sublime: Partying in The Great Gatsby


  • D.N.Rodowick – The Force of Small Gestures
  • Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli – Bill Viola and the Cinema of Indefinite Bodily Experience
  • Catherine Fowler – Slow Looking: Confronting Moving Images with Didi-Huberman


  • Kim Knowles – (Re)visioning Celluloid: Aesthetics of Contact in Materialist Film
  • Emmanuelle André – Seeing through the Fingertips
  • Raymond Bellour – Homo Animalis Kino


  • Sean Cubitt – Temporalities of the Glitch: Déjà Vu
  • Steven Shaviro – The Glitch Dimension: Paranormal Activity and the Technologies of Vision
  • Allan Cameron – Facing the Glitch: Abstraction, Abjection and the Digital Image

About the Author

Martine Beugnet is Professor in Visual Studies at the University of Paris 7 Diderot.

Allan Cameron Senior Lecturer in Media, Film and Television at the University of Auckland

Arild Fetveit is Associate Professor in the Department for Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen.

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