In Lady Audley's Shadow

Mary Elizabeth Braddon and Victorian Literary Genres

Saverio Tomaiuolo

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This book is devoted to Mary Elizabeth Braddon's complex relationship with the three main Victorian literary genres: the Gothic, the Detective and the Realist novel. Using Braddon's bestselling sensation fiction Lady Audley's Secret as a paradigmatic novel and as a 'haunting' textual presence across her literary career, this study provides a fertile critical reading of a wide range of Braddon's novels and short stories.

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Introduction: The Lady Audley Paradigm
1. Gothic Mutations
2. Darwinian Detections
3. Victorian Realisms
Saverio Tomaiuolo is Lecturer in English Literature and Language at Cassino University, Italy. He has published a monograph on Tennyson's narrative poems (Tennyson e il senso del narrare) and a book on translation theory (Ricreare in lingua), as well as articles and essays on Postmodernism (Robert M. Pirsig, Antonia Byatt), Victorian Literature (G. M. Hopkins, Mrs Wood, Charles Dickens, Henry James, R. L. Stevenson, Wilkie Collins), and Translation Studies.

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