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Immanence - Deleuze and Philosophy

Miguel de Beistegui

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Immanence - Deleuze and Philosophy identifies the original impetus and the driving force behind Deleuze's philosophy as a whole and the many concepts it creates. It seeks to extract the inner consistency of Deleuze's thought by returning to its source or to what, following Deleuze's own vocabulary, it calls the event of that thought. The source of Deleuzian thought, the book argues, is immanence. In six chapters dealing with the status of thought itself, ontology, logic, ethics, and aesthetics, Miguel de Beistegui reveals the manner in which immanence is realised in each and every one of those classical domains of philosophy. Ultimately, he argues, immanence turns out to be an infinite task, and transcendence the opposition with which philosophy will always need to reckon.


List of Abbreviations
Chapter 1: Noology
Chapter 2: Ontology I (Genesis)
Chapter 3: Logic
Chapter 4: Ethics
Chapter 5: Ontology II (Cartography)
Chapter 6: Aesthetics

About the Author

Miguel de Beistegui is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Warwick. He is the author of Truth and Genesis: Philosophy as Differential Ontology (Indiana University Press, 2004) and The New Heidegger (Continuum, 2005).


As a kind of sequel to his monumental Truth and Genesis, Miguel de Beistegui's Immanence - Deleuze and Philosophy lays out the most comprehensive investigation of the 'event' in Deleuze's thought. He expertly shows how Deleuze's ontology of becoming complements and surpasses Heidegger's ontology of being. This book confirms what many people were already thinking - de Beistegui is one of the most original philosophical voices of the 21st century.
- Leonard Lawlor, Sparks Professor of Philosophy, Penn State University

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