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Humanitarian Intervention and the United Nations

Norrie MacQueen

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Explores the UN's track record of military action, from cold war 'brushfire' peacekeeping to the fractured globalisation of the contemporary world

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United Nations Military Interventions since 1948
Abbreviations and Acronyms
1. Evolution: Intervention and Humanitarianism from Collective Security to Peacekeeping
2:.After the Cold War: a New World Order?
3. Sovereignty and Community: a "Responsibility to Protect"?
4. Africa: Post-Colonial Intervention amidst Fragile Statehood
5. Humanitarian Intervention and Coercive Action: the Balkans
6. A Model Intervention? The Birth of Timor Leste
7. Is it Worth it? Success and Failure in UN Intervention
Notes and References
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About the Author

Norrie MacQueen is Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Dundee in Scotland and has previously worked in various parts of the world, including Africa and the South Pacific. He has published widely on the United Nations, peacekeeping and the politics and international relations of the global South.


MacQueen's comprehensive analysis of UN military operations with humanitarian dimensions makes the case why the United Nations is the worst possible option for intervention, apart from all the others. A rare combination of rigorous history, in-depth analysis, and engaging prose.

- Prof. Thomas G. Weiss, The CUNY Graduate Center

A stimulating analysis of what UN interventions are about and what they can – or cannot – achieve.

- Thierry Tardy, Geneva Centre for Security Policy, International Peacekeeping

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