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Human Trafficking

The Complexities of Exploitation

Edited by Margaret Malloch, Paul Rigby

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Examines the socio-economic exploitation that underpins human trafficking

‘Human Trafficking’ is a term that does little to convey the myriad acts that underpin the exploitation of men, women and children across the world. Despite legislative developments and the introduction of national and international interventions, definitions of this form of exploitation, estimates of its extent and nature, and responses to victims and perpetrators have thus far been limited. Furthermore, aspirations to prioritise a human rights model within a wider discourse of vulnerable people on the move are frequently overtaken by law enforcement and border control priorities.

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List of Contributors
1. Contexts and Complexities, Margaret Malloch and Paul Rigby
2. Productive Ignorance: Assessing Public Understanding of Human Trafficking in Ukraine, Hungary and Great Britain, Kiril Sharapov
3. The Application of International Legislation: Is the Federalisation of Anti-trafficking Legislation in Europe Working for Trafficking Victims?, Adam Weiss
4. International and European Standards in Relation to Victims and Survivors of Human Trafficking, Kirsty Thomson
5. Child Protection for Child Trafficking Victims, Paul Rigby and Philip Ishola
6. Responding to Victims of Human Trafficking: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Jim Laird
7. Does It Happen Here?, Sheila Murie and Liz Owens
8. Promoting Psychological Recovery in Victims of Human Trafficking, Sharon Doherty and Rachel Morley
9. ‘We Cannot Collect Comprehensive Information on All of These Changes’: The Challenges of Monitoring and Evaluating Reintegration
Efforts for Separated Children, Claire Cody
10. Policing Forced Marriages Among Pakistanis in the United Kingdom, Stefano Bonino
11. Criminalising Victims of Human Trafficking: State Responses and Punitive Practices, Margaret Malloch
12. Root Causes, Transnational Mobility and Formations of Patriarchy in the Sex Trafficking of Women, Jackie Turner
13. The New Raw Resources Passing Through the Shadows, Hazel Cameron
14. Human Trafficking: Capital Exploitation and the Accursed Share, Bill Munro
Postscript, Margaret Malloch and Paul Rigby

About the Author

Margaret Malloch is Reader in Criminology with the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research at the University of Stirling.

Paul Rigby is Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Stirling.

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