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How to Write in Arabic

El Mustapha Lahlali

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This book is designed to help learners of Arabic at all levels develop and refine their writing skills, focusing on the structure of Arabic sentences and paragraphs, and the cohesive links between them. It provides a variety of phrases and idiomatic expressions that can be used in writing and places great emphasis on writing in different genres, including literary and media texts. Learners are also introduced to the cultural aspects of writing, such as writing and responding to different types of letters.

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Chapter 1: Cohesive Devices/ Connectors
Chapter 2: Vocabulary
Chapter 3: Writing Letters
Chapter 4: Writing Reports and Articles
Chapter 5: Creative Writing
Chapter 6: Students' Writing Errors
Chapter 7: Glossary

About the Author

El Mustapha Lahlali is an Associate Professor and Director of Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Leeds. His research interest is on Translation, Discourse Analysis, Arab Media and Society and Classroom Discourse.