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How Much For A Leg?

Assessing the Process of Assessment of Non-Pecuniary Personal Injury Damages in Scotland

William J. Stewart

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Reviews how personal injury damages are calculated in Scotland, together with suggestions for reform

‘How much for my leg?’ This is an apparently simple question that someone might a lawyer after sustaining a wrongful injury to the said limb. But, in Scotland, no fixed answer can be given. Nor can any official range of possible figures be given. Only after some serious professional work, perhaps taking many hours, can a range of figures be suggested.

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Table of Cases
Table of Legislation
1. Introduction
2. Alternative Methods of Assessment
3. Analysis and Assessment of the Assessment Process
4. Conclusions
Appendix 1: Court-Disputed Non-Pecuniary Loss (Low Value)
Appendix 2: Court-Disputed Non-Pecuniary Damages (Medium Value) (JSB Use) (Other Disputed Issues)
Appendix 3: How much for a leg? Reconstruction of the CICA 2001 Tariff of Selected Listed Injuries Allocated up to £4,400 by Value rather than by Injury
Appendix 4: What People Say the Damages Should Be